About Learn To Present

Learn To Present is a coaching and training organization that teaches business professionals how to become more persuasive and effective communicators in today’s varied, diverse marketplace.

Whether delivering a keynote address at an important conference, motivating a small team of employees, or discussing contracts one-on-one with a vendor, LTP trains its students to craft presentations from the listener’s point of view.

Our CEO, Dr. Rob Portnoy, Ph.D., is a seasoned educator in the fields of leadership and communication. Dr. Portnoy has over 25 years’ experience coaching Fortune 100 executives, managers, and technical experts in designing and delivering presentations and improving interpersonal communication skills. In addition to his doctorate and two master’s degrees, Dr. Portnoy has earned the CPLP® and SPHR certifications and is a licensed speech pathologist and research fellow from the Mayo Clinic. He is also a twice-published author.

Because of our years of training everyone from Fortune 500 C-Suite Executives to independent business owners to wide-eyed college students, we can say with confidence that our training will:

  • Help you be remembered – beat the “7-second window” of attention and leave your audience asking for more.
  • Reduce fear and anxiety – take the focus off of you and direct your attention towards connecting with your audience for maximum impact.
  • Influence and connect with your audience – by learning how to build irresistable trust and rapport, you’ll tap into lifelong tools to advance your relationships and your career.

For more information about Learn To Present’s products and services, please contact us through the form below or by calling (314)-420-1907.

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