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Test Your Level Of Presentation Anxiety!

How do you compare to other presenters when it comes to getting anxious before you give a presentation?

  • A score above 131 indicates High Anxiety
  • A score between 98 and 131 indicates Moderate Anxiety
  • A score below 98 indicates Low Anxiety

Educators, therapists, and working professionals have been using this assessment for over 45 years to determine the presenters’ level of anxiety…where do you think you fall on the scale? Click below to take the FREE assessment and find out!

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Five Reasons People Stop Listening to You

Whether or not you give presentations, you need people to listen to you. And yes, this is almost universally true in nearly every profession. Doctors need patients to understand their diagnosis. Lawyers need clients to understand their legal rights. Accountants need...

Good Listening is Good Business

Good listening is often easier said than done. But when it’s done right, good listening can prevent costly business errors, strengthen relationships, and can even save lives. Here are four pillars for listening effectively. The Four Pillars of Good Listening Undivided...

Foggy Speaking – Listeners Sleeping

Which of these sentences will likely make you sleepy? It is a scientifically derived fact that thinking complex thoughts need not lead to prolonged expression typified by extreme length of utterance cluttered by inane expression and, we illustrate a variety of...

Take Control Over How You Are Introduced – or Else!

You’ve spent hours preparing and practicing your presentation. You walk into the room and an eager audience is all set to listen to your every word. You’re ready. The host steps center stage and introduces you. Here’s what he says: I’m pleased to introduce our...

To Make Your Point Stick – Tell a Story (Part 2)

Part 1 of this article described how one of the best ways to capture attention and keep your listeners listening, is to tell a story. Here’s a brief recap from Part 1. Stories hold the key to making memories and lasting impressions because they stir emotion. They...

To Make Your Point Stick – Tell a Story (Part 1)

Whether you’re tucking your child in or competing in a cut-throat job interview, one of the best ways to capture attention and keep your listeners listening, is to tell a story. Stories hold the key to making memories and lasting impressions because they stir emotion....

How to Answer Questions – Build Bridges

One part of a presentation often feared by presenters is the Q&A session, or when it's time to answer questions. “Are they trying to make me look bad?” “What if I don’t know the answer?” “What if I answer questions incorrectly?” “Are they testing me?” What do...

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