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Everything you need to design and deliver professional quality presentations including a complete learning system, slide design, story-telling, video demonstrations, skill-based templates, assessment forms, applied-practice,  a final exam, and a certificate of completion you can submit for Continuing Education credit.

your pathway to presentation Excellence


The Learn to Present Master Class

Effective presentation skills can make or break a career.  This Master Class will lead you step-by-step through a unique learning system to teach you how to design and deliver compelling and memorable presentations.

Presentation Skills Mean Business

Business depends on clear communication. This Master Class teaches presentation skills which are business-based including how to focus attention during interviews, performance reviews, team meetings, customer presentations, speaking online, to a camera, and to any size audience. By becoming an effective presenter you will enhance your professional value, while you help your business grow. 

A Professionally Designed Learning System

Designed by certified training professionals, The Master Class flows systematically, logically, and progressively to build presentation skills that will captivate, teach, inform, and persuade.

Your Pathway to Presentation Excellence

No matter your level of experience from beginner to advanced, there's so much you will learn.  Instructive explanations, video demonstrations, diagnostic assessments, and a final exam that if passed earns you a personal certificate of completion. Best of all, once you master the Learning System, you can rely on these skills at a moment's notice to deliver an outstanding and memorable presentation whenever you need.

Presentation Skills in all aspects of business


Effective Presenters Open Minds to New Ideas

Business performance depends on access to critical information that needs to be presented clearly and persuasively. Montone deliveries, self-serving messages, closed-minded perspectives, and cluttered ideas block the flow of vital information to the very people needed to drive performance. Effective presenters are vital in every aspect of business operations.

Job Interviews

It only takes seconds to form first impressions. Whether you're a job applicant or hiring manager, a successful interview depends on a first impression that opens channels of communication. The trained presenter delivers key ideas through a dynamic voice, engaging eye contact, meaningful gestures, and captivating stories. This course will teach you the presentation skills you'll need to form a great first impression in your job interviews.

Performance Reviews

Any well-trained supervisor knows that effective organizational performance flows from the day to day work of every employee, each personally and meaningfully connected to what the business is trying to achieve. Using what you will learn in this Master Class in every performance review can virtually guarantee that your employees will feel valued, appreciated, informed, motivated, and in tune with how any needed changes in their performance will contribute to helping the business grow and succeed.

Team Meetings

Team meetings when delivered effectively can communicate vital information, cement camaraderie, and build a formidable force to tackle goals and objectives. The skills you will learn in this Master Class will help you build a high-performance team by communicating clearly and memorably.


Whether you chat in a coffee room or meet at a party, people are always forming impressions of you by what you have to say, how you sound, the way you look, and the way you listen. This Master Class will help you look and sound more professional, more warm and engaging, and more vital and relevant to your new and current business partners.

Presentation Skills - A Business Necessity

Finely tuned presentation skills are essential to your success as a business professional.  The Learn to Present Master Class will help you build and polish your presentation skills, project self-confidence, convince others that your words are credible and your ideas are sound. 

A sneak peek at the learn to present master class!

The Learning System

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions


The Learn to Present Master Class is based on a proven method of instruction we call the Presentation Skills Learning System

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions


Each chapter provides step-by-step instructions explaining the skills that flow from The Presentation Skills Learning System.

Video Demonstrations

Step-by-Step Instructions

Slide Design and Delivery


Video recordings breathe life into chapters by demonstrating the skills that you need to get your point across clearly and memorably.

Slide Design and Delivery

Slide Design and Delivery

Slide Design and Delivery


You will learn to how to design and deliver clear and compelling slides that rapidly capture and focus attention while keeping you in control.

Telling Memorable Stories

Slide Design and Delivery

Telling Memorable Stories


Stories can deliver powerful messages that are inspired by human connections. You will learn how to tell stories that will be long remembered.

Certificate of Completion

Slide Design and Delivery

Telling Memorable Stories


You can earn a Certificate of Completion to recognize your achievement and as a document to send to your Continuing Education Association.


The Assessment

One of the unique parts of The Learn to Present Master Class  is the Assessment, which provides insight into a presenter's strengths and needs. Assess your skills, those of your colleagues, and they can assess and coach you!


Here's the table of contents

Take a Look at What You'll Learn

The first four chapters pack in the power of the course. Chapter 1 explains why presentation skills are critical to business success and what you can expect from this training. Chapter 2 focuses on what we call "The Listener's Point of View." What do listeners want to know from you? Why should they listen? If you fail to tell them quickly, their minds will wander and you'll lose their attention. And speaking of attention, it is much shorter than most people realize. Chapter 3 details exactly what you can do to recharge attention so you make your point quickly, then make it stick. Chapter 4 dives even deeper into The Presentation Skills Learning System showing you how to design and deliver compelling slides and tell memorable stories. And for a quick recap, Chapter 5 summarizes the course reviewing the highlights.

Learn how to assess presentation skills. You can count on Chapter 6 to teach you how to assess presentation skills. You can use the assessment to evaluate your own presentation skills and to provide feedback to your colleagues. This is a tool that will have broad applications over the course of your career.

The Final Exam and Certificate of Completion. What's a Master Class without a final exam? Chapter 8 will direct you to an online final exam that covers the entire Master Class. Pass it with an 80% correct score and you'll receive a personal Certificate of Completion that you can send as verification for continuing education credit to your accreditation agency.

Our Money-Back Guarantee. The Learn to Present Master Class comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee based on your completion of the post-course assessment process.  Simply put, if you don't see progressive improvement in your post-course assessments, we will gladly refund your full purchase price. Contact us for more information about how the post-course assessment process works.

How to Enroll. The Learn to Present Master Class is a complete training program that will help you rapidly and significantly improve your presentation skills. The price for the course is $459.00, comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, gives you continuing online access. To enroll, click the the "On-line Store button.

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