The Learn to Present

Foundations course

Our complete learning system teaching you how to design and deliver high quality presentations including video demonstrations and a final exam, integrated into a professionally designed online course. 


17 Lessons!


Video Demonstrations

Video recordings of actual presenters demonstrate the skills you'll be learning throughout the course

slide design and management

Learn how to manage slides

Learn how to manage slides

Learn how to manage slides


Develop skills to direct attention on the slide then redirect it back to you.

Design slides for impact

Learn how to manage slides

Learn how to manage slides


Design compelling slides to rapidly capture and focus attention.


You'll learn how to create, craft, and tell powerful stories!

Stories can transport us into a state of mind where we accept what we are hearing as though it was real.We suspend disbelief and experience the world of the story. And what we experience teaches, entertains, creates memories, and guides our actions going forward.Stories can and will drive the point home. The Foundations course offers a whole lesson dedicated to stories.


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