Learn to Present Foundations Course


A complete learning system that will teach you how to design and deliver presentations from your listener’s point of view.


In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about designing and delivering a great presentation. This course is the foundation of our Presentation Skills Learning System. The System approaches presentations from a strategic perspective based on the premise that people pay attention for very short periods of time. Throughout the course you will learn how to keep your listeners focused by delivering your presentation from the listener’s point of view.

You will immediately learn how to capture and hold attention in large audiences, small groups, and even in one to one conversations. The System will next teach you how to develop a powerful and dynamic speaking voice. Gestures and eye contact are covered next followed by how to create stunningly beautiful slides replacing boring text with meaningful graphics. You will also learn how to tell compelling stories to drive your point home and how to manage the Q&A session that leads your listeners back to your main point.

This course has received rave reviews including “The GPS of Presentation Skills” and “It changed my life – I will never give a presentation without using what I learned.”

The course will be presented through a series of lessons, each followed by a quiz. In many of the lessons, you will be able to access video demonstrations to illustrate the methods and concepts you will be learning. Get ready to have fun and to learn how to master effective presentation skills.

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