Be Heard. Be Remembered.

If you’re ready for your audience to sit up and pay attention, hooked on your words, and take action based on what you tell them, you first need to know how to not only get their attention, but keep it. That’s not easy UNLESS you have a proven system.

We do.


Close More Deals

The first step towards the deal is building rapport. You only build rapport when you know how to speak your audience’s language.

Impress The Boss

Ready for that corner office and “brass ring” customer account? Top performers talk to impress…isn’t it time you learn how?

Get More Respect

Ever gotten a standing ovation? What about your co-workers patting you on the back for a week after the meeting? Good presenters are respected and admired by their peers, and LTP can show you how to command that respect.

Scientific Audio Tools

Serious Tools = Serious Results

Unlike most presentation coaches, Learn To Present employs scientifically-designed assessment tools based on 20 years of field research. The resulting data helps pinpoint the precise areas for improving speaking skills, controlling vocal dynamics including their loudness, vocal tone, and timing, and more.

Based entirely on our computerized assessment of speech acoustics, we can reliably predict how listeners will judge a speaker’s effectiveness  – BEFORE the speaker ever steps in front of an audience.

St. Louis Zoo
Humane Society of Missouri
[The workshop] helped me realize there is more to public speaking than just talking. Anyone uneasy about speaking in public could benefit by applying just one of the V-Deck components. I won’t be a public speaker overnight, but some of the skills learned helped me feel more at ease when speaking.

Robert Bucy

Director of Housekeeping, Aramark

In a short period of time, I learned a key concept to making an effective presentation: instead of considering myself, present from the listener’s point of view; add value to their lives. That calms my nerves from the get go – it’s not about me!

Today’s workshop changed my perspective on presentations: “What’s the Point?”, and driving home the point IS the point. THANK YOU!

Cassandra Ray

Director of Finance, St. Louis Zoo

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Our One-on-One Coaching programs focus on helping presenters develop better presentation skills through a combination of teaching, practice, assessments, reports, and an improvement plan created specifically for you.

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