Emergency PresPrep

When You Need ASAP

Red and White Emergency SignThe presentation is this week, and I’m afraid I’m going to bomb!

Not to worry! We’re to help with our Emergency PresPrep Package, perfect if you need help to prepare for a presentation within the next few days to a week.

The Session Steps outlined below include an initial consultation, an assessment, an assessment report, a written development plan, and follow-up consultation that includes additional recommendations.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Identify your presentation objective or skill you would like to develop– for example – deciding on your main point, a slide makeover, adding dynamic impact to your vocal delivery, developing a compelling story, etc.
  2. Perform an assessment of your speaking and/or presentation skills whether by phone, SKYPE, or on-line contacts.
  3. We generate an assessment report and a written development plan that provides step-by-step guidelines on how to achieve the objectives we determine for you.
  4. You follow the guidelines, practice, and then present your results – by phone, SKYPE or on-line options.
  5. We provide feedback reflecting your progress, as well as recommendations for next steps.

While the progress depends on your commitment and implementation of the development plan, we believe you will notice progress toward your objective within three to five working hours spread over a period of two to five days. Your target presentation date will help us schedule specific the completion times for each of the Steps.

We accept payment through PAYPAL. I’ll give your instructions for sending the payment after we first talk. Payment in full will be due before we begin Step 1.

There is NO fee to contact us or for us to go over the steps outlined above. If you decide to proceed with this option, payment for the first working hour will be due before we begin. The second payment will be due when we notify you that your assessment and development plan are ready and before we begin going over them.