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Bronze Coaching Package

Perfect for the presenter who wants to work on a specific objective or presentation skill and does not have an immediate need to prepare for a presentation.

Our One-on-One Coaching programs focus on helping presenters develop better presentation skills through a combination of teaching, practice, assessments, reports, and an improvement plan we’ll create specifically for you.

The Coaching Process

Bronze Package

Step 1: Identify Goals

We identify your presentation objective or skill you would like to develop, for example, deciding on your main point, a slide makeover, adding dynamic impact to your vocal delivery, developing a compelling story, etc.

Step 2: Perform Assessment

We perform a full assessment of your speaking and/or presentation skills whether by phone, Skype, etc..

Step 3

Step 3: Build Plan

We provide an assessment report, as well as a written development plan with step-by-step guidelines on how to achieve the objectives we determine for you.

Step 4

Step 4: Begin Plan

You follow the guidelines, practice, and then present your results to your coach – by phone, SKYPE, etc. options.

Step 5: Integrate Feedback

Your coach offers comprehensive feedback reflecting your progress, as well as recommendations for next steps.

Create Massive Momentum in Your Presentation Abilities to Be Able to Handle Any Speaking Situation.

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