Welcome to the Learn to Present Blog! We are a company that specializes in shaping presentations that get results. I’m Dr. Robert Portnoy, founder and Chief Learning Officer, and I will provide you with weekly tips on how to improve your presentation skills.

We often hear about the importance of presentation skills. In fact, we rely on our presentation skills more often than we realize. When we think of presentation skills, our first thought is usually about delivering a presentation to a large group – maybe to shareholders, customers, employees, or a community event. We need to present effectively in order to capture and hold their attention so that we can get our point across in ways that they will understand, remember, and hopefully do whatever we would like them to do.

But the need for presentation skills goes way beyond speaking to an audience. We give presentations all the time. These presentations shape the way people think, guide them in making decisions, and often drive their actions as a result. For your presentations to be truly effective, your presentation skills matter. Consider some examples…

As Managers…

Talking to employees during a performance review depends on our ability to help them understand how they performed against goals. Did they meet expectations or fall short? It’s up to us to deliver this information in ways that will motivate rather than intimidate them and inspire collaboration rather than resistance. Our presentation skills impact their performance. Their performance impacts the organization and helps it grow or bogs it down. In other words, there is a cause and effect relationship between our presentation skills, employee performance, and company growth.

As Parents…

Talking to a child clearly, firmly and with warmth shapes and molds their character. Telling them stories opens up virtual windows to the way the world works. Our presentation skills, while certainly informal when talking to a child, helps prepare that child for navigating life. Their life impacts others over time including friends, colleagues, organizations, even society.

There are many more examples of the way our presentation skills influence people all throughout the many facets of our life. Just because we’re not delivering a presentation to an audience doesn’t mean that the many people in our life aren’t listening to us. They are.

We at Learn to Present will continue to write to you about why presentation skills matter. We have many tools we’ve developed that can strategically and professionally guide you to become a better presenter. We’re excited to share them with you. So stay tuned to our blog – there’s much more to come and many presentations in your future. Remember, your presentation skills matter. They make a difference in people’s lives – including your own.


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