Good listening is often easier said than done. But when it’s done right, good listening can prevent costly business errors, strengthen relationships, and can even save lives. Here are four pillars for listening effectively.

The Four Pillars of Good Listening

  1. Undivided attention – decide that your time is their time, it belongs to them
  2. Concentrate – focus on and look at them, not your devices, random thoughts, distractions, don’t interrupt
  3. Acknowledge – express your interest in what they are saying with a head nod, or saying uh-huh, I see, okay,
  4. Clarify – ask open ended questions, say “tell me more,” summarize what you heard and see if you hear words like “right” or “that’s it.” If not, try again.

Good listening is good for business – your company’s, your friends, and your family. When you listen, others care about you because they know you care about them. When you don’t listen, you may end up alone.

And best of all, good listening is easy. Just use the Four Pillars of Good Listening.

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